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Adobe Fireworks Adobe Fireworks is a free-of-charge version of the Adobe graphics application widely used for creating photos and graphics. The name “Fireworks” refers to the information-based graphics that it uses. Fireworks does a good job of simulating the look of the traditional Flash swatches that designers use to create image swatches. It is limited in its uses, though, and lacks much of the sophistication of more complex products such as Photoshop. It supports many of the basic editing functions, however, and offers a number of useful features, including the ability to create multi-frame animations. It has many tutorials for beginners. Adobe Fireworks:

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What’s in this article? This tutorial describes the best tools and methods in Photo Editing with Photoshop Elements. It includes methods that are easy to use. Even if you are not used to manipulating images in Photoshop, you will be able to complete your projects with this tutorial. The tools and techniques explained in this article include: Change the brightness of images on the computer Change the color and contrast of images on the computer Change the colors and saturation of images on the computer Adjust the levels of an image Improve the clarity of an image Remove unwanted objects, objects from another image or alter the proportions of an image Trim an image Crop and rotate an image Creating photomontages Sharpening an image Apply a filter to an image Create layers for an image Create an image with a transparent background Effect an image on the computer Add a special effect to an image Blur an image Remove unwanted objects from an image Create an image with a background Improve the colors and saturation of an image Create an image with a reflection Convert an image to black and white Make images black and white, gray, color Create a white border around an image Apply a watermark to an image Remove white from an image Save and export an image Create a collage Create and insert a text layer in an image Create an image with a border Create vector graphics Create a barcode in an image Adjust the brightness of images on the computer We can reduce the exposure of a scene to make it darker. These are the main tools that are used to do this. Brightness and contrast In this example, I will use the Selector tool to select the sky in the image and then I will change the brightness. In the Adjustments panel, which is available from Window > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast, I will change the Lightness. These are the main Brightness and Contrast tools: Lightness Saturation Value Color Lightness The lightness is the brightness value that is applied to an image. It can be positive or negative. The maximum and minimum values of the Lightness are 0 and 255 ( a681f4349e

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