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 (if the user is facing issues with viewing programs, its probably a ie issue. try using the chrome browser. thanks) ======useracct please don't upload this to here, its super easy to get caught and its not a virus. maybe you should email it to the admin of and have them upload it there. ~~~ archisuite17fullcrackidm it looks like a virus to me and should be taken down. thanks for the information. ~~~ pentiumfonk ahh. no worries, as long as you are not getting banned. moscow, russia — russian security forces in the chechen region in the north caucasus have arrested several people who they said were planning attacks against spectators at sochi olympics on the black sea coast, a law enforcement official said tuesday. the arrests in ingushetia, the region to which chechen separatists have claimed responsibility for an insurgency, were reported to have taken place on monday in a case that officials linked to the olympics said was unrelated to terrorism. the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said investigators intercepted a car carrying two rifle grenades and ammunition. the two people were arrested after being stopped by police, a local official, sergei belov, said. the official said the two had the “full combat gear” with them and were planning to attack spectators. a spokesman for the federal security service, the successor to the soviet-era kgb, said the arrests occurred on monday in the ingushetian town of malgobek.1. field of the invention the present invention is in the field of computer systems. more particularly, the invention is in the field of dynamic distribution of computer services. 2. related art to effectively provide on demand computing resources, service providers need a scalable infrastructure capable of a high degree of efficiency, flexibility and reliability. the system needs to be able to support a high number of clients without the need to increase the overall capacity of the system. additionally, the system needs to be able to support high client loads (e.g., during peak demand times) while maintaining a high reliability. various factors contribute to the efficiency of service providers such as internet service providers, internet infrastructure providers, or content delivery network (cdn) service providers. these factors include: (i) the ability to efficiently utilize server capacity; (ii) the ability to efficiently utilize network bandwidth; (iii) the ability to efficiently route requests to servers, which optimizes server utilization; and (iv) the ability to effectively monitor and maintain high availability of server resources. the functionality of modern computer networks has been increasingly concentrated in high-end server computers. however, due to the limited capacity and resources of these high-end servers, the load on the server may become too high during certain peak demand times. in particular, the server may be overwhelmed with many requests for content, which may result in poor response time, especially in the event of a sudden spike in requests. these needs are being met through the use of load balancing middleware (lbm) servers. client/server computing is widely used for the exchange of information over computer networks. a key part of this computing system is the load balancing middleware (lbm) server. lbm servers are described in a publication by mark horowitz et al.