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meanwhile, the returning npc scientists include dr. liara t’soni (who now works with the combine and has a son, amonas kotal), who is now part of the combine army. she still has a romantic interest in gordon, however, and is now an ally to black mesa. she also now has a daughter, alyx kotal. the two have an interest in the xeno-rifles. there is also dr. judith mossman, who is now black mesa’s chief scientist. dr. mossman is now more focused on the xeno-rifles and now has a daughter named xenia, who is now 13 years old. also returning are dr. ivan yuen, who is now part of the combine military, dr. amanda ripley, and dr. hannah sansen, who has a daughter named sev. gordon’s fiance, alyx vance, is now black mesa’s assistant-in-charge.

other npcs include horzine twins mark and john, the founding members of the group. they are now in charge of the green hand, and are now led by their father, richard, who is now the head of the black mesa security. they are now more proactive in stopping gordon. there is a third member of the green hand, a now unnamed man who is not present at the beginning of the game. while he is not the leader of the group, he is gordon’s ally. there are also dr. andrea stelline, dr. lucy-b09, and dr. layla miller, the last of which is now a combine scientist. the three have a brief role in the game, at which point gordon is captured by the combine and they are now captured by the combine as well.

other npcs include gordon’s fellow students. gordon’s classmates from high school include mr. burns (the english teacher), ms. hamilton (the science teacher), and ms. biggs (the cheerleader). mr. burns is now the principal of a black high school. ms.

after almost 8 years of development, the mod was released on september 14, 2012, although it is only playable up to the lambda core. xen and the later chapters were excluded due to being unfinished at the time and slated for a release at some point in the future. as of september 11th, 2012, black mesa was accepted into the steam greenlight service with the next release to include the missing xen chapters and possibly also the deathmatch multiplayer segment. the developers stated this version of the game would be a paid-for version but that the free version would still be available. the same sets of scientists appear in the beginning of the game as in half-life, but now with a more specialized focus. most notable is the return of dr. isaac kleiner, who creates the signature portal guns. they fire a blue beam of matter. isaac is now older, but appears to be using his original portal gun design as he had done in half-life. dr. kleiner is now more focused on the black mesa project, and is now more willing to cooperate with black mesa security. kleiner also has a family, which includes his wife (who is now his mother-in-law). his son, eli, is now older and has become a scientist himself. eli is researching xenomorphs, and has an interest in the xeno-rifles. he also has a pet, a pac-man-like creature called “zom”, which resembles the monster from zombi 2 and also references the game’s release year. kleiner is also now in charge of the institute, and has become a father to an alien girl named dr. rebecca fine. kleiner is also in charge of the harvester, which is a mechanical creature that can harvest materials from the environment and create portals. ۵ec8ef588b