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Because of its long history and popularity with graphic designers, Photoshop is not a program you should expect to learn easily, although it is possible to do so. The new features and interfaces are not immediately apparent, and you may need to use a tutorial to understand the basic concepts for use. Beyond the Basics The program is more than just the typical image editor that comes with a PC. It has myriad features for manipulating images. These features, in turn, create a huge potential for users to innovate and create new work. As a starting point, this chapter explains all of the most important features and how to use them. Don’t be intimidated by Photoshop: What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. With a little time and practice, you can really make something spectacular out of the program. Overlaying text, creating custom brushes, and designing web pages are just some of the basics that can be accomplished with Photoshop. More advanced features allow users to enhance images with layers, effects, and animation. And users can add interactivity to images and documents with scripts and web pages. The chapters that follow cover the features of Photoshop. Understanding layers Paint and Illustrator are easy to use but are basic programs. With Photoshop, you have a way of creating an image that has flexibility, interactivity, and the ability to edit and manipulate portions of an image. Layers are what enable you to do this. Layers are rectangular areas of a file that you can manipulate independently, and you can add effects, such as backgrounds, transparency, and color, to them. Using layers enables you to create any object in an image, isolate an object to study, or separate an image into layers to make any changes you want. By default, all layers in Photoshop are based on the Background layer. If you want to change the background, click the Background layer in the Layers palette and then choose a new background. You can create a new layer for a new background — or even a new image — from scratch, as shown in Figure 6-1. **Figure 6-1:** Layers are like pages in an onion. Taking a peek at the layers palette The Layers palette (Figure 6-2) is the place where you create and view layers for your images. Each layer has a name and a thumbnail on the bottom of the palette. **Figure 6-2:** A window full of layers

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Adobe Photoshop Elements is available on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Get a 5-Year Adobe Photoshop Elements Subscription Today This is a Photoshop CC alternative application, specifically intended for those not looking for an advanced, professional graphical editing tool, or those who don’t want to pay for additional features. Photoshop Elements will be updated and supported for five years without charge with new features and service availability. Read More > Live on-demand training for Photoshop Elements While you’re actively using Photoshop Elements, you’ll get personalized live-on-demand training on topics you select. As you progress through your learning, you’ll get feedback on your performance so that you can learn more effectively. Read More > Collaborate with real people This educational platform allows you to work with real human beings. You can get help with anything. Read More > Discover the educational features Depending on the license you choose, you will receive the following functions: ۱۳ tutorials and training videos in downloadable format ۱۱٫۵ hours of live-on-demand training for Photoshop Elements ۹,۰۰۰+ questions and answers ۱۳ educational tips in downloadable format ۸۹ printable worksheets Access to the forum Unlock powerful features For the users with more experience, there are many additional features that are available that you won’t find in other software. Read More > ۱-Click photo retouch Purchasing the Elements Premium subscription is also a good reason to upgrade to Photoshop if you haven’t already. It will give you access to the following features: You will be able to effortlessly remove blemishes, wrinkles, and a number of other visual problems with the 1-click Erase tool, and get blur effects and special effects with the special effects and filters in the Creative Cloud library. Read More > Create stunning images Design images of any size and complexity. Build layer mask effects and composite photos. Blend colors with masks. Read More > For graphic designers, you will get a lot of options and functions that will help with the creation of a wide range of materials. The special tools can be used for web or print designs. Read More > Save time and money If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll find yourself spending ۰۵a79cecff

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