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Though Photoshop is best known for editing raster (non-vector) images, it can also handle vector files and those created with Adobe Illustrator. You can use a Paintbrush, which is a tool that works like a raster image editing program, to edit vector images. Photoshop is a powerful program that’s designed for professionals. The program enables you to use layers — collections of image or media files that you draw on or merge to create a more complex image — to layer effects and work on large- or small-scale images. There are two types of layers: selected and empty. You can group these images into a layer to allow for working on multiple layers and having multiple sets of adjustments in one window. The following sections give you a quick tour of the major features of Photoshop so you can get started and explore the program’s tools. Getting acquainted with the program At the time of this writing, Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 ($800) is the current version of Photoshop and is fully compatible with all previous Photoshop editions. It’s available as a download for Windows and macOS, as well as a disc for Windows. Many of the tools you’ll find in Photoshop are similar to those in a Paintbrush, which we discuss in Chapter 9. With a Paintbrush, you get a straightforward toolkit, including a brush that you can use to apply paint — that is, create raster (bitmap) images — directly on the canvas. Photoshop offers the following tools: Object: This tool enables you to drag the contents of a folder onto the canvas. You can select the type of object to create (text, shapes, colors, lines, photographs, and so on). Depending on the object you choose, the program automatically creates a raster image based on the selection (see Figure 15-1). Figure 15-1: The Object tool creates raster (bitmap) images of the objects you select. Channels: This feature enables you to create and manage collections of adjustments (described in Chapter 8). When you open the Channels panel, you see four slots, each of which contains a collection of adjustments (colors, exposure, contrast, and so on). You can add layers to these collections (similar to the way you add layers to a layer group) and later combine two or more collections to create a compound collection. When you are ready to create your new compound collection, go to the Layers panel and click

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Don’t get confused by the similar names: Adobe Photoshop is a tool to create graphics and Adobe Photoshop Elements is a tool to edit graphics. They are not the same thing. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.2 – The User Interface (UI) Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020.2 is a streamlined version of PS Elements 19.0 with a simplified user interface. It is less powerful but more stable. As before, the UI consists of a dark background and a light window, which show all the different options. There are two ways to change the state of the UI: Using the standard PS Elements window with a dark background and a light window; Using the standard PS Tools window with a light background and a dark window. The window has the following four tabs: Image Tools Reading Preview The image tab contains the main interface window and the different functions of the app. It is the most important window of the app and makes it possible to edit an image. Image: It is the window that shows the image and different tools for editing this image. It opens the main window with a dark background. This window is the focus of all the tools of the app. It has three modes: Full image preview mode; Tool mode; Justification mode. The Full image preview mode shows the entire image, the original and the final version. The Tool mode is the window that contains all the editing tools and is focused when you click the tools of the app in the window. The Justification mode is the window that allows you to edit your images in horizontal and vertical guides. Tools: The Tools tab is the window that contains all the editing tools and the location of these tools in the tools tab. The tools tab contains four tabs: Enhance Adjust Correct Artistic The Enhance tab is the window that contains all the enhancement tools available to your images. It is useful for making your pictures look better. The Adjust tab is the window that contains all the tools for adjusting the image, which will allow you to make the most of your photos. The Correct tab is the window that contains all the tools for correcting the image, which will allow you to eliminate errors from your photos. The Artistic tab is the window that contains all the tools for adjusting ۰۵a79cecff

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[Fatal clinical outcome of HIV-infected patients treated with Antiretroviral Treatment (ART)]. The analysis of data concerning structure, diagnostic procedures, treatment used and fatal outcome of HIV-infected patients referred to a large centre of HIV infection, since 1990 to 2003. Since 2000, antiretroviral treatment were introduced in our hospital. We evaluated 1 635 patients, including 934 males (58.8%). The number of males increased from 461 in 1990 to 917 in 2003. During the analysed period, the median age of our patients increased from 42.4 to 45.1 years. The youngest patient was 16 years of age. The median time to diagnosis was 3.0 years. The most frequent HIV-1 subtype in males was subtype B, while it was subtype C in females. In males, the co-infection with hepatitis virus was detected in 174 patients (17.4%), with hepatitis B virus in 61 patients (6.3%), with hepatitis C virus in 85 patients (8.6%) and with hepatitis D virus in five patients (0.5%). In 47% of the patients, sexual contacts were documented. The most frequently found drug resistance was multidrug resistance (MDR) in 48% of patients. The median time to AIDS diagnosis was 4.0 years. In 162 patients (15.5%), AIDS was diagnosed. Since 2000, the usage of zidovudine (AZT) has decreased (from 87.1% to 50.3%). In 2002, ritonavir (RTV) was introduced in the drug regimen. This drug was used in 31.9% of all patients receiving AZT. We treated 623 patients with EFV, 61 patients with stavudine (d4T), 39 patients with didanosine (ddI), 52 patients with ddI/Lamivudine (3TC) and 53 patients with ddI/Lamivudine/Zidovudine (3TC/AZT). 19% of our patients died with a median age of 46.8 years. The majority of the deaths were caused by AIDS defining infections, sepsis and cancer. In 33 patients (2.8%), HIV-infection was found as a comorbidity. In 576 patients (54.9%), therapy with antiretroviral drugs was indicated. In 823 patients (78.2%) EFV was used, in 197 patients

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۶٫ Check for Updates (Windows Only) Photoshop has several different ways to check for new versions of Photoshop. In the Help menu find the Updates option. The Updates tool will show you information about the last time Photoshop was installed and when its last update was installed. It is also possible to use the File->Check for Updates menu option. ۷٫ Automate Tasks While you are editing images it is very easy to forget to save or export your image. To avoid this problem you can use the Automate Tasks option. To access this, click the options button, press Ctl + E, and then select the Automate Tasks option. You can easily set up a rule that you click to save your image. You can also automate exporting your image to another format. ۸٫ Load Your Work Into Photoshop Once you are finished editing images, you need to save them. To save your image you can either use the File->Save menu option or right-click a menu in Photoshop and choose Save As. When you save your image, Photoshop will display a dialog box, like the one shown in Figure 14-7, asking you for a destination, resolution, and format. If you are saving many images at once, it is much faster to change the options on this dialog box beforehand. If you are importing images you need to check for the same information. If you are importing from a file, you can find the File Type dialog box in the Import window. This is also shown in Figure 14-7. Here you can change the resolution and file format. Figure 14-7. To save an image, you can use the Save As dialog box or the File menu.

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Mac OSX 10.7 or higher Safari 5.0 or higher Contents of the download The following files are included with your Kinkos Colleagues Digital Locker ۱٫ KeyCodes.plist This file contains the API ۲٫ KeyCodes.strings This file contains the language key values for your app ۳٫ This file contains a PPA for Kinkos Colle