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■The World of Elden You are a Tarnished Reaper who has been tasked with defeating the Zodiac. As a new Lord, you are traveling in order to defeat the Zodiac of the Land Between, and on your way you meet two candidates. One is an ambitious Lord who is overflowing with bloodlust, the other is a kind, gentle Lord who is kind and caring. The choice of this Lord is yours and the story you will be following. ■The Names of the Zodiac You have witnessed the birth of the new world, the Lands Between. The Zodiac are the Four Gods of this world. Unlike in legend, they are four individuals and are each independent from each other. ■The Lands Between The Lands Between are places where the vast power of the players’ choices intersect. They are inhabited by the spirits of those that met their demise in the Past. It was in the Wars between the Gods that the Elder Gods, who have lived in the afterlife for a long time, were born. ■Featured Content – Elder God Evangil By defeating the Zodiac you will be able to obtain an Elder God. Elder God Evangil, the former god of the Past, awaits you as a mysterious boss in the Land Between. – Characters Each Lord will have two main characters, who will be together in the Lands Between. – Quests Reach the goal of each quest by following your own path. Depending on the choices you make, the outcome will vary. ■Online Mode/Online In online mode, you can invite friends via e-mail to play together. By inviting other people, you can enjoy a co-op experience in the development of your character and share in the quest. ■Development Staff Nexon America’s Studio One Software Lead Producer, Scott Sleight Lead Designer, Alberto Ciavola Lead Character Designer, Brooke Gabriele Producer, Jerry Beck Director of Graphic Design, Eric Gajda Lead Graphic Designer, Rene Bilas Art Director, Olivier Laurent Art Director, Catherine Soulier Associate Producer, John Mattock Assistant Producer, Larry Leichter Supervising Producer, Rich Squillante Lead Writer, Brian Mitsoda Writing Team, Matthew Sprange, Brad McFarland, Sean Ricci, and Stephen J. Russell ■Opening Days June 1 ■Price It will be priced at


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enjoy a vivid stereoscopic open-world featuring beautiful graphics and ambient sound effects.
  • Discover a vast world in which you can take a deep dive into logic-based action quests. Set your own goals and objectives, and achieve a sense of fulfillment.
  • Immerse yourself in an epic, three-dimensional story with great characters and an astounding scale in an all-new fantasy RPG experience.
  • Take advantage of the Blu-ray disc included in the collector’s edition, and even more information by joining the amiibo community.
  • Elden Ring Key contents:

    • Disc and Soundtrack for PS4®
      • The First Blu-ray Disc by SEGA® Entertainment
      • A 4.7 GB Blu-ray Disc with 25 tracks including developer commentary, new cutscenes, and music animation.
      • In addition, players who purchase the Collector’s Edition can enjoy the bonus contents, including a Collectible Character Binocular, DLC Medallion, and 8-digit Collector Code.
    • Nintendo Switch™-Ready Version
      • The same game and collection of bonus contents that the PlayStation®۴ version offers.
    • CARE™ Compatible
      • Compatible with a variety of PlayStation®۴ games, such as or “Chronology of the Unified Elden Ring”
    • Classic Controller Compatible
      • The PlayStation®۴ Standard Controller.
      • The Classic Controller.

    * Mac OS X version was released on July 5, 2018. After the end of the main game (roleplay game) of this version, the game client cannot be continued. However, the title and all in-game assets are enjoyed as originally released.



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    ۱٫ Title Screen of Brave Union Online Mobile Game ۲٫ Title Screen of the Mobile Game: Elden Ring Saga ۳٫ Start Screen: The Opening Screen: A portrait of the hero changes on the background ۴٫ Difficulty Selection ۵٫ Selecting the Level of Play ۶٫ Ready Mode ۷٫ Game Modes ۸٫ Camera Change ۹٫ Settings ۱۰٫ Entering the Game ۱۱٫ Skill Selection ۱۲٫ Entering the Map (World) ۱۳٫ Maps ۱۴٫ Skills ۱۵٫ Equip ۱۶٫ Hide ۱۷٫ Battle ۱۸٫ Death ۱۹٫ Equipment/Equipment Management ۲۰٫ Trade and Exchange: The Inventory ۲۱٫ Trade ۲۲٫ Bank ۲۳٫ Social Network Service ۲۴٫ Shop: Purchase Items ۲۵٫ Ranking Screen: Your All Missions, Achievements, and In-Game Rewards (Premium) ۲۶٫ View Remaining Time: Your Current Map and the Map Information (Premium) ۲۷٫ Offline Play ۲۸٫ Map View ۲۹٫ Community Management ۳۰٫ Community In-Game Event ۳۱٫ Map View for Offline Play ۳۲٫ Chat ۳۳٫ Player Profile ۳۴٫ Skill Improvement ۳۵٫ Cooldown Reduction ۳۶٫ Challenge (Offline) ۳۷٫ Survival Mode ۳۸٫ Survival Mode (Premium) ۳۹٫ New Character Creation ۴۰٫ Character Creation: Creating your own character’s appearance ۴۱٫ Character Creation: Customizing the appearance ۴۲٫ Ability Improvement ۴۳٫ Ability Improvement (Premium) ۴۴٫ Ability Improvement (Premium) ۴۵٫ Collecting Treasure: The Treasure System ۴۶٫ Treasure System ۴۷٫ Experience Point Receive ۴۸٫ Exp. Points: Breaking the Armor ۴۹٫ Adventure Map: Current Map and Map Information: The Map Screen ۵۰٫ Credits ۵۱٫ Corporate Information ۵۲٫ Currency and Service: Purchase items ۵۳٫ Card Collection: Collection Screen for Cards ۵۴٫ Connecting to The World, The World and Others: Multiplayer Mode ۵۵٫ Connecting to The World: Registration ۵۶٫ Community ۵۷٫ Community Management ۵۸٫ Community Initiatives ۵۹٫ Directory: Connecting to Other Users ۶۰٫ Global Challenge: Online Event ۶۱٫ Online Event ۶۲٫ Skill Improvement ۶۳٫ Social Network Service ۶۴٫ PlayStation®۴ ۶۵٫ Skill Leveling ۶۶٫ Loadout: The Weapons and Armor Equipped at the Level of Play ۶۷٫ Safe: The Safe ۶۸٫ Settings: The Settings


    What’s new:

    If the war between the Legions of Light and the Legion of Fear drags out while you’re away on another quest, the Lands Between will be free from evil. The fate of the world is left to your progress as a Tarnished.

    Are you ready to explore the Lands Between?

    Look forward to all-new adventures of the Lands Between!!

    * Game title and content may change.

    Tue, 03 Oct 2013 03:47:47 +0000 William Clark Release: 1996 Language: English Genre: Role-Playing Game The fairie kingdom of the elves is under attack by a mid-evil spirit that drains the life of the people. Devoid of hope, the people have chosen a celestial being to lead them against the darkness. To the people of the kingdom the celestial being is a hero, the saviour and the sacred hope. The people listen in awe for his name, a title given it by the people of the country. Slowly the celestial one start to become aware of where he is and of what the people to him. Also the celestial one start to wonder who he is and where he comes from. Afterall, he is different.

    The celestial one is a misfit in his class. At a young age he leaves his parents castle and travels far away; never to return back. Neither the memory of his past, neither his parents, nor his friends remain, yet he carries a stong inner belief to keep going. After a long journey he settled on an island and build a cabin in the woods. Eons pass. The celestial one find he is among his new friends. They are strange. They live in a town which is not a town, it is a place where you can trade with other creatures and visitors. All in all they live in a circle where only the boat used to get in and out.

    After some time the celestial one and his friends are set on an adventure to the neighboring coast, the spirit of death. The journey will take them far beyond their own island and seek for answers to their problems.



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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • ZIP: Download the game directly from the link below, unzip the contents and move the new folder into your “Documents” or whatever you prefer.
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    cracked video:


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Story: As monsters from different worlds begin to invade from the outside, the time has come to finally take action, and unveil the Dragon Slayer Force’s power. Conquest: Conquest is a tactical RPG with a focus on action and strategy elements that challenges the imagination of players with the power of customization. Celestial: Celestial is an action-RPG that takes place in a fantasy world filled with monsters, evil beings, and magic. Players can choose from various character classes, change their appearance, and learn