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Kaledo Style Full ##HOT## Version Download Zipl

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LOS ANGELES, California, Sept. 27, 2017 PR Newswire. Officially licensed Lectra Software Partner.The present invention relates to a method for utilizing foamable compositions useful in preparing a geothermal energy-generating well. Geothermal energy is one of the most promising energies which have been searched for in recent years. Particularly, it has been shown to be effective as an energy source because of a low temperature which is easily available in the earth. In Japan, there has already been established a power plant using geothermal energy and more projects are now under consideration. In the United States, therefore, a general tendency is now to explore new areas for the purpose of establishing a geothermal power plant. Furthermore, it is expected that the relative availability of geothermal energy will increase in years to come, if a theory on the circulation of the earth can be accepted which is one of the theories now under discussion. Therefore, the establishment of a group of an energy-generating system in which the heat of the earth is utilized to provide energy will become the mainstay of the energy source of this century. In order to exploit a geothermal energy-generating system effectively, it is necessary that the heat be efficiently utilized so that a geothermal energy-generating well is prepared in which heat is produced in a quantity adequate for the practical use thereof and having the possibility of a large-area exploitation. It is well known in the art that the exploitation of geothermal energy is more effective when the heat of the earth is utilized. Therefore, a geothermal energy-generating well of the conventional type is usually required to be drilled at least 100 to 200 feet deep. However, this is very difficult with the conventional method and is associated with a major problem in that it is almost impossible to ensure the uniformity of temperature over the whole area of the drilled well. As a result, the possibility of a large area exploitation is greatly restricted and the very expensive cost is piled up for the experimental works associated with the exploitation of the geothermal energy. The inventors of the present invention have already proposed a method for minimizing the problems arising from the operation of the geothermal energy-generating well by utilizing a foamable composition. Namely, the foamable composition is injected through the well into the earth, and a wide area exploitation of the geothermal energy-generating well is thus facilitated. However, as far as the present inventors know, the use of the foamable composition is very limited