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Manusmriti In Gujarati Pdf Free 879l

manusmriti in gujarati has become an indispensable part of its readers’ lives, a living encyclopedia. the author has been able to capture the essence of the text and its spirit in this translation, and the original flavour has not changed at all. it is, however, in gujarati that manusmriti has truly become part of the people. it will, therefore, be a great loss if it does not become part of the school syllabus, if it is not made compulsory reading for all students, and if it is not taught in all schools and colleges. it is also a great loss if those who are not taught in gujarati do not read manusmriti in other languages. only in this way can manusmriti become part of all of us. it is, indeed, the language that unites all races and religions of india, but unfortunately we are still a long way from achieving this goal. a small but significant step in that direction would be for all of us to learn at least one regional language, and for that to be taught in schools and colleges.

this verse is quoted in aparrka (p. 972), which explains aucam as purity of mind and body,dh as discrimination of right and wrong,dhti as keeping the mind from going astray,dama as control of the mind by means of the kcchra and other austerties. it adds that this verse enumerates the duties common to all the four orders;in nsihaprasda (saskra, p. 16a);and in smticandrik (saskra, p. 13), which has the following notes;dhti, firmness,kam is nonperturbation of the mind even when wronged,dama is control of the mind,asteya is non-appropriation of what is not given,auca is cleanliness, both internal and external,indriyanigraha is keeping the senses from all forbidden objects,hr (which is its reading for dh) is cessation from improper acts,vidy is self-knowledgesatya is saying what is true, which should be agreeable also,akrodha is freedom from anger.