Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy Book



Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy Book

In terms of production, he has taken a lot of criticism for re-writing the play. However, he has also received praise, even from right-wingers who appreciate him taking a stand against individuals who have glorified Godse. He says he feels lucky to have been a part of the play for the last 11 years. Whatever the criticisms, he continues to enjoy the show.

In 1996, the actors of the play had started receiving threats. Once, a group of lawyers tried to book the actors at the Faiz Bhavan. The lawyers were physically abusive and even insulted the actors. The directors and producers of the play declined to take responsibility for the incident. Some 30 policemen were called in to secure the play and the court issued strict instructions not to allow their presence on any stage. In 2012, the play was taken off the theatre circuit for fear of communal and political violence.

However, there has been an outcry against the play. The show is now closing soon. Its producer Ponkshe has sought the directors permission to represent the establishment the way Godse did. If this is granted, it will be a big setback for the play. However, Marathis book depicts the truth of Godses character without any glorification.

They never listened to me as I had told them that what I was writing was against Godse. They were putting words in Godse s mouth. If we were to stop the play now, we will be murderers. Also, the play was written after the case was already filed. As Godse is a myth now, they should have been vigilant.

In Hindi, one of the key scenes of Godse play is the torture of Godse by the police officer. It is a glorification of the police. However, in this casteless, democratic and auteur culture, history has been sanitised of its historical references and it is unfortunate that Indian theatre has followed suit.

the play, written by sharad ponkshe, had opened on november 12, 1989. it drew audiences despite the ban. the gandhis had no objections to the play, and even expressed gratitude to the producer for making it. they even approved of the scene where nathuram godse asked for permission to fire the first shot, since it is a patriotic act. ponkshe followed up the success of mee nathuram godse boltoy with another play, khicha bhushan ki hatya. it also dealt with the killing of gandhi, but it did not draw the same kind of attention. the jury of kalidas natak manday, a literary festival, had given it a special award in 1991. this has been the only play that has been banned in maharashtra. i am very frustrated that the play is still being staged. it is a shameful state of affairs. nathuram godse is no more. he has also been dead for a long time. he was killed by the government. he was a brave soul who gave his life to bring down an evil regime. he was a killer, but he was never a seditionist. he committed no crime. he was not a terrorist. he was a patriot. there is no doubt that he was a patriot. but i am a patriot too, and i am proud of my country. but i must speak the truth. the truth will set us free. i must speak the truth. krishna valmiki, the director of the play, has worked in the mumbai theatre world for close to two decades. his background in theatre includes performance, direction, production, and acting. the book is set to be released on september 8. “i wrote my book on a high. i have never had so much success in my life as this book. my book is a fun read. my only regret is that i couldnt invite the author for the release. i am sure the reaction will be very good. i wrote the book in three months and its a fun read. i enjoyed writing it and i am sure the readers will too. there wasnt a word about politics in my book and i didnt want it to be so. i could have written a book on godse, but i wanted something different. i kept it light, a bit spicy, and fun, a bit naughty,” the director says. ۵ec8ef588b