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Suspicious Slide is a 2D ice slide puzzle game with an emphasis on puzzles that would otherwise be lost in a 2D game. The story revolves around a man stuck in an icy situation. He walks on an ice slide that is falling towards a valley and jumps off the frozen slide. Because the man is falling away from the slide he must walk through the level to get to safety. Features: * ۱۰+ difficult levels to solve * Multiple solutions to each level for more gameplay * Over 40 levels * Multiple themes ranging from twisted (evil), to mysterious (trees), to fantasy (sea levels) * Multiple solutions to most levels for different approaches * Achievements to unlock by efficiently completing levels * Level editor to create and share your own levels. * Several audio options * ۲ difficulty modes * Steam Remote Play Together (Recommended – highly recommended!) * “On Steam” Lifetime Membership (500+ achievements) * Many Steam Community features * Contains no in-app purchases or advertisements. * Some levels can be a bit rough around the edges For more information, please visit: Check out our Christmas Happenings. This is a beach channel. Suspicious Slide takes the “ice slide” puzzle notably found in games such as Pokemon (Ice Cave) and Legend of Zelda (any Ice dungeon) and heavily expands the idea to be an amazing experience on it’s own. That’s just my opinion though, and I am biased, so why not give it a try and see if you agree? Enjoy: Over 40 levels with varying mechanics and puzzle styles Multiple solutions to most levels for more dynamic approaches Achievements to unlock by efficiently completing levels Level editor to create and share your own levels.


Features Key:

  • blockchain-based game
  • IP rights protection
  • free to play
  • transparent development
    based on our own crypto-economy
  • crypto-compensation for the game economy
  • A cooler and more efficient way to vote

    The HYPERCIDE GAME is inspired by the PROP, which was used for more than a decade to enable a fair voting system. ETH has democratized participation in the Ethereum blockchain, with the first democratic referendum returning the ETHDEV ERC20 token as the winner of the vote, to reward the community with 4 ETH for the week. We similarly provide a way for the community to participate in the development process. The ecosystem is democratized thanks to, the whole game being based on the blockchain. The result is a more efficient and automated game system. In short:

    • Complete transparency and no central censorship, making it the best interactive game environment to date
    • Complete censorship protection, in that you'll only see the decisions that were made through a public vote
    • Trackable community funds accounted for in the game economy
    • Trustless systems thanks to the open-ended game model

    The gaming model, also known as GUMP-ing, was invented by the German researcher and PhD candidate in Computer Science Dominik Tummersdorf, and is a model that leads to “dark markets” being created such as the EliteXC MONEY BASE.

    Instead of following players to decide that one is the winner, we decide: “Would you like to play with the winner?”, directly introducing players to the winner of the World Championship. Thus we avoid the issues that occur when games that use dark markets to decide a winner, like the World Championship of the nobility, e.g. the ARENA, PAYBACK, or DYNASTY games.

    Although there might be problems with


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    Jealous is a musical game about emotional relationships, in a world where existence is ranked in points. Jealous is a combination of music, gameplay, and online social interaction. Links: Facebook: Discord: Game Website: GitHub: Medium: Twitter: Instagram: VK: Google Plus: Email: akkartik@gmail.com Please support me: contact: ookamekuchika@gmail.com This is just an upload for a test :). But if you like this track and the artist give me the permission ill start again. Ill be back with the next release. Hope you like it. Thanks to: YouTube user: Wobbles The Playlist: ۱٫ Dreamer ۲٫ Dont Know How To Love You ۳٫ ۱۰۹۶ ۴٫ Satellite ۵٫ Stand By Me ۶٫ Take a Picture ۷٫ Kids (feat. Gummy) ۸٫ Too Late ۹٫ Evermind ۱۰٫ Remember ۱۱٫ Song 2 ۱۲٫ Hands ۱۳٫ Comet ۱۴٫ I Can Not Make It On My Own ۱۵٫ Yeah ۱۶٫ Stay Cool (feat. Lil B) ۱۷٫ Eggshell ۱۸٫ Light On ۱۹٫ ۲۵,۰۰۰ Hours ۲۰٫ Make Me Feel (feat. Koncept) ۲۱٫ Get Used to This ۲۲٫ Let It Go ۲۳٫ That ’80s Song ۲۴٫ New Love ۲۵٫ Old Love ۲۶٫ When I Fall In Love ۲۷٫ (Don’t Need You Any More) ۲۸٫ Don’t Know How To Love You ۲۹٫ Without You ۳۰٫ Everything Counts ۳۱٫ Deaf ۳۲٫ Something ۳۳٫ Wont Somebody ۳۴٫ Hands ۳۵٫ Perfection ۳۶٫ One For c9d1549cdd


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    RUSSIAN ROCKS — Purchase PDF editions of Shostakovich’s fandango, with piano pieces, as part of this German Piano Collection-Series that is (more than) always interesting. I played this — when I was only playing the Piano. Still, I’m enjoying, not so much as for the (Russian) music, but rather for the (Russian) texts on the music, i.e. for Shostakovich (and his friends). Alsop brings to my attention, the blog you have written as part of the series. Keep up the good work, and let me, at least, recommend it to others. Two or three have already reached out to me._______________________________________________________________ Check out my Russian Rocks channel on YouTube: Don’t miss Shostakovich’s 12th and 13th piano works (in 24/16 and 24/32): Tom Vasel’s reviews of some of Shostakovich’s piano music: ——-to get more of Tom’s Russian Rocks on the Piano: OMG!!!I’m so glad you posted about the blog! I’m a big fan and saw you on it a long time ago, it’s very rare that someone is playing Shostakovich on this forum or Youtube. Tom even has a page on his site that talks about Shostakovich. He also has tons of great Russian, Japanese and Chinese music, it’s really something. That’s nice. I used to visit Vazy’s site, but then some devolopment stopped it, and I saw your name on a youtube playlist so I checked out your website. It’s great you can play with his playlist. I especially liked the “Marche de Triomphe du Buisis”. It’s not a Russian, but a French one, I’d love to learn it. I’m a real newby with using Piano with a button on the side, I get you, that’s where the “1” is, and I knew that, but it all happened as soon as I started this wonderful blog. I’m still getting


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