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The CSP SHALL employ appropriately-tailored security controls from the high baseline of security controls defined in SP 800-53 or an equivalent federal (e.g., FEDRAMP ) or industry standard. The CSP SHALL ensure that the minimum assurance-related controls for high-impact systems or equivalent are satisfied.

The CSP SHALL employ appropriately-tailored security controls from the low baseline of security controls defined in SP 800-53 or equivalent federal (e.g. FEDRAMP ) or industry standard. The CSP SHALL ensure that the minimum assurance-related controls for low-impact systems, or equivalent, are satisfied.

This document is an updating of the 2001 edition which was published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This document is intended for use by individuals responsible for the development of specifications for the secure provisioning of devices and services that rely on digital credentials (e.g., for network security systems, portable devices, networked banking, etc.). This document can serve as a foundation for the development of specifications, guidelines, and regulations governing these types of devices and services. It is intended to support the use of the PKI Token (Figure 2.1), the Hardware Token (Figure 2.2), and the OTP device (Figure 2.3) authentication methods. Device authentication with the PKI Token and the Hardware Token is done via the use of a secure PKI infrastructure, while OTP device authentication is accomplished through the use of an OTP algorithm.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of strong authentication, and of the role of passwords in current protocols. Formal standards for choosing passwords are evolving. In the NIST Framework for Web-based Trustworthy Authentication for Trusted Online Commerce (WBT-TO), three common password strength algorithms were selected as the de facto standards for password strength measurement. The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (published by the International Organization for Standardization) suggested using one of these algorithms, but did not explicitly list them as best practices. NIST guidance states that a password should be a “well thought out, reasonably strong password; one that doesn’t violate the password requirements of the system being protected.” No official definition of strong or suitable passwords is provided in the existing NIST guidance. Below we list some general guidelines for choosing passwords. Additional guidance can be found on the Password & Privacy NIST website . The website offers practice questions and advice on password strength.

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