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Features Photoshop has a vast number of features that are beneficial to any photo manipulation project. Adjust Color and Exposure Anyone who has dealt with images knows that lighting and contrast play a key role in photography. To “fix” images that have been underexposed or overexposed would be pointless. The lighting and shadows of the surrounding environment also have a tremendous effect on how the image looks. The first thing most beginners may want to learn in Photoshop is how to adjust the image’s exposure. To adjust the image’s exposure, open the image in Photoshop. Open the Levels tool (it is the third tool from the right in the Tools panel) and click on the tab labeled Histogram (see Figure A). Figure A: The image being edited has a histogram showing the image’s contrast. Click on the triangle next to the histogram slider (bottom left in Figure B) to open a window that displays a histogram. The histogram is the bar graph that indicates the brightness or contrast of the image. The farther to the left the bar graph, the darker the image, and the further to the right, the lighter the image. In Figure B, the histogram is shown with the image being displayed in the left area of the graph. Most photographs contain shadows and highlights that affect the image’s brightness. The image that is being edited has a histogram that has a nice contrast — the darker shadows are mostly on the left and the brighter, lighter area is on the right. However, the image is still not very bright or heavy. Moving the slider in the histogram toward the left enables some light to be added. This creates a “white” area. The image is still too dark. However, if the user wishes to stop adding light to the image, the image’s histogram can be moved in the opposite direction, creating a “black” area. To change the brightness of the image, the user would move the slider toward the left, and reduce the amount of gray on the left side of the histogram. In Figure C, the image’s histogram has been adjusted to a brighter level. Figure B: An image with a histogram showing a dark shadow on the left and a lighter shadow on the right. Figure C: The image has been adjusted so that there is more exposure on the right side of the histogram, with some light in the darker shadowed area

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This article is about different Adobe Photoshop scripts we’ve written. User interface A few years ago, we noticed that some emojis came with a colorful second text element (like text pops or whoopie pies), and we decided to create a tiny Photoshop Action that appended those text elements to the images. The idea came to life with the Pop Text popup plugin and the whoopie pie script. Each script is about 200–۴۰۰ lines. They use the popup module and the text tool. Feel free to use them with your own Emojis. Pop Text popup script Pop Text popup plugin is a script to add a colored popup text to any image. You can choose from a lot of scripts and choose from a lot of colors for the text. Emojis with Pop Text Feature – Pop Text popup plugin – Add a colorful popup to any image – Add your text and colorize it – Choose from a lot of text and color options – No plugins needed – Add your text – Set color and size – Access to a lot of colors and scripts Pop Text popup plugin does not use the add-on manager, so you’ll have to delete the plugin when you uninstall the add-on. Script location Pop Text popup script file location – Github repository Action script location – Github repository Example of Use Pop Text popup script – Github repository The script is really simple and easy to use. As you can see below, it’s a useful add-on to keep your emojis alive and fun. To use, you just have to add a popup text to your image. When you hover over the images, a pop-up will appear with your selected text. Pop Text popup script and action — Script location Pop Text popup script file location – Github repository Action script location – Github repository Examples of Use Pop Text popup script – Github repository Whoopie pies Whoopie pies are small images that represent laughter and happiness. Before using the script, the script doesn’t actually generate any images. The script is easy to use and you just have to select the type of “whoopie” you want to make. The blue version of whoop a681f4349e

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Filters and effects Photoshop can do many things to your images, including brightening, darkening, sharpening, and blurring them. You can use these effects in combination with brushes and other tools to achieve special results. Figure 2-2. You can apply filters to nearly every area of your image. Filter Preview enables you to preview your changes before you apply them. Along with the tools in this chapter, you’ll use Photoshop filters to enhance the look of your digital images. In addition to blurring or sharpening, you can sharpen with an Unsharp Mask, add a vignette, sharpen just the highlights or shadows, add a blue-green tint, add a gradient, use Camera Lens Blur, use a Drop Shadow, and add a glow. You can also use various special effects to create special images for your web pages, such as garbling or creating an embossed-like look. Filters are also a way to protect your images. You can apply a special effect—or at least a warning—to an image, so that it’s not simply deleted in case the owner of the image decides to do so. You can use the Reduce Noise filter to “harden” your photographs so they look good at lower file sizes. You can also use the Drop Shadow filter to add a shadow on top of an

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Preferably run on an Xbox One X. Microsoft XBox One X: $699.00 Microsoft XBox One S: $299.00 Software Requirements: NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card or higher. Additional Software Requirements: Khaos, their name is MALIBU Features: -۱۰۰+ hours of gameplay -Supports both single player and multiplayer (Online Only) Languages: English Spanish Korean Hindi