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• The Elder Game That Comes to ARPG Tarnished is a fantasy action RPG. To grasp its visuals, style, and content, you can immediately get the feeling as if you are playing the Elder Game, which is a genre that has been long forgotten. It is the game where your character and its enemies share a spiritual world. • The Scenario Where Adventurers and Heroes Meet Tarnished features a story that is the sequel to “The Elder Game that Comes to ARPG.” That is, this is a story in which you, a fallen hero, and new adventurers come together in a time in which your power is waning. – A Quest Where the Future Determines the Path In Tarnished, you play as an heir of an old noble clan, and the power of the old magic lies with you. You come to the capital city of the lands between, and you build your own destiny. EXCELLENT FEATURES: ۱٫ Clear and Beautiful Battles The battles in Tarnished are entirely in real-time. The countless enemies you face put their life on the line. The enemies’ attacks are varied and powerful, and the blows of your character become more fierce as you gain experience points. Even in encounters where you are down, your enemies are also down. Their moves are determined by the individual plays of your character, such as casting spells, switching weapons, or performing maneuvers. The battles are clear and beautiful, so that they show the way your attacks move to the target, the unavoidable progress of the enemies, and the strikes of your character. ۲٫ Swirling Story and Dynamic Action A moving conflict between you and the enemies. Because the enemies are strongly influenced by your decision, your own moves, and your own weapon, you are sometimes able to trigger the collision of the future. ۳٫ True Exploration of the Lands Between An endless new adventure awaits you. As you wander the lands between, vast and beautiful worlds become the backdrop for the story of what happens and the reason why each place has the atmosphere that it has. And as you have your own thoughts on your actions, the in-game cinematic chapters put these thoughts to the test. ۴٫ Brilliant Control of Your Characters In the game, you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of wearing the armor and the importance of attack techniques. You only need to direct the actions of your characters by using the


Features Key:

  • ۲D Graphics and an Intuitive Control System
  • A Variety of Dungeons and Landscapes
  • A High Sophistication System That Makes Each Encounter Unique
  • A Variety of Customization Options
  • Revealing the Richly Told Story of The Lands Between
  • STORY PLAY DESCRIPTION A Space between Worlds. What is known as the Lands Between divides the original lands of the world of Eldur. However, this is not the only land. A big number of planets exist in the cosmos. Although the Land Between is isolated from them, they are all connected by magic waves. It is said that a species of monster, the Shadows, once lived on one such planet. Imprisoned in that planet are the Demon Gods that once ruled the Land Between. It is prohibited by the Laws of Eldur from entering the Land Between. But the shadows can take advantage of opportunities, and use the land freely, and begin their offensive against the Lands Between. In the Lands Between, things change. Magic is widespread as well as monsters. Some rise as a result. Tarnished, known as heroes, rise with the curse of the shadows and begin to clash with the monsters. Some paladins take it upon themselves to defeat the monsters and end the magic contamination… or to do something else.

    ۲D CHARACTERS, CUSTOMIZED OPINIONS AND POSES, AND STATIC CHARACTERS. The character you create will resemble a two-dimensional character. Each character has a different title. Favorite spells and weapons of characters can be customized as desired. Items and armor, and the various feelings associated with those items, can be changed via the clothing menu. You can freely create your own poses in accordance to the character, and you can also increase your strength to challenge enemies. Each character can have up to 5 people who increase their strength with them. The effect of each person will change for each of the 5 positions. You have a unique stat to get.

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