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“A vast world full of unique experiences” Story: An unknown villain has launched a ferocious assault to kidnap the Fabled Old Tree, the source of life for the lands. The protagonist’s fate intertwines with the prophecies of the ancient Elder, who foretells the rise of a legendary hero. The hero, who has lost his memory, makes his way through the nine lands trying to fulfill his destiny. GAME WORLD: A vast world that is brimming with unique situations. The protagonist’s adventure takes place in an interspersed network of open fields with a variety of enemy situations and dangerous dungeons. You can freely roam around from place to place, adjusting your party composition to the situation to achieve the most efficient outcome. GAME STRUCTURE: ۳D action RPG. You will take on the role of an adventurer who fights using swords, clubs, and magic. If you equip heavy armor, you will be strong, but if you equip light armor, you will be faster and more agile. Depending on your actions, your party members will change their appearance as well as their class. The party members will regain HP each turn, and if they do not recover, they will die. The enemy AI is smart, and will attack your party with tactics that suit the current situation. (Please refer to the Appendix below if you are interested in making your own party!) GAME COLLECTION: ۱۰۰ spells, 300 enemies, 300 weapons, and a vast world to explore are waiting for you! GAME GENRE: Action RPG. A vast world and intense story. GRAPHICS: The maps will be detailed and more easy to navigate than in most RPGs. With graphics at the highest level, the atmosphere will intensify in the latest battles! RPG PARTY COMPOSITION: ۷-member party ۶ members increase with level up Players can have up to 6 party members at any time Your characters cannot be switched out mid-battle. Your party members will change their appearance as well as their class depending on their actions. You can equip up to six items at any time. You can also add different weapons, armor and accessories, and change the primary and secondary weapons at will. IN-GAME MECHANICS: Rule break of your will You can use a variety of weapons and magic in one battle.


Features Key:

  • Dream World of Fantasy From the moment of the game’s startup, players are protected against external disruptions through instant login and password authentication, ensuring smooth connectivity. In addition, you won’t need to exchange data with an external server, so you can use the game from any device.
  • Interesting Quests You’ll be able to unlock the powers of the Generous Elden Rings if you create an Elden Lord with them. From crossing the dividing sea of hope to exploring ancient ruins to defeating deadly enemies, you can have a wide variety of quests with your party of adventurers.
  • Various Quests In the game, quests will be accessible from a quest log. You will be able to select a desired objective from among all the available quests, and gather the quests that you and your party need. You also don’t need to collect all the quests from everywhere, so you can enjoy this game after finishing your objective.
  • Warfare between Allied Kingdoms Before the creation of the Elden Ring, the mighty forces of the Nine Kingdoms went to war. The war finally came to an end through the boundless vision of the Lord of Triumph, a legendary hero.
  • The Bright Power of the Elden Rings With the power of the Elden Rings, fantastic abilities are unlocked, creating an experience where the battle against enemies takes on a sense of drama.
  • Creating a Village Players can easily create and control communities of around 100 people in an open environment. You can direct the members to perform a variety of tasks, such as collecting valuable goods, supporting the construction of the village’s defensive line, or farming in a remote area, as you interact with your players at your leisure.
  • Innovative Skill Support You can set up a number of skills that work with your character’s actions and abilities, or even independently to evolve your character as you play the game. If you are a fan of skill setups, you will be enchanted.
  • Friends Connected to Heroes With friends connected to heroes, their private life will be affected, granting permanent bonuses to their development. Players will be able to benefit from playing a shared hero.
  • Easy-to-Use UI The user interface is designed with a story book and its main screen set


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    What’s new:

    ◆ Players: 6

    Game Screenshots

    To accompany the announcement, here is an early version of a cinematic trailer showing the impressive graphics and sword fighting choreography of the new game. Please enjoy this high quality video even a little.

    ۲DCG Real Soul

    ◆ An Imposing Battle System where Strategy Rules The game features a battle system in which strategy rather than a brute force approach dominates. Aiming and dodging work well together against the monsters. You must also manage your magic properly.

    ۱۰ minutes of gameplay ◆ Treat Friends and Others with Courtesy as You Welcome New Friends

    ◆ Overview of the Characters

    ◆ Overview of the Characters

    [An overview of where a dialogue cursor is

    [An overview of where a dialogue cursor is


    Click the Player Choose button. 8WfxK5fktce4Zk5DuPbBrcbqv8fTKz51

    New features:

    • Monsters ranging from heroes and nobles to rogues and Yōkai monsters all serve as a challenge. Can you defeat the hordes of monsters that rise?
    • The game features 8 playable characters with different battle styles and different equipment sets and weapons. Once you finish the main story, more than 30 different characters and 1,000+ additional items will be added.
    • Warrior and Rogue classes. Choose a Warrior or Rogue equipped with steel armor, heavy “warrior” weapons, and high-speed


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    The Elden Ring, a large-scale fantasy MMORPG. The type of fantasy MMORPG that is provided in the comfort of your computer.* Comes with classes that can be customized to the character you create. Bases on the FROG philosophy, it will release a new, streamlined environment that is easy to enjoy.

    Discover a massive world full of adventure and mystery. Find out what kind of story they will create. Epic battles in which the players fight in a war that was long ago ahead of you! The fantastic world that results from that war will become reality. Begin your battle training, and progress step by step!

    If you are already a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, please enjoy it all over again.

    ۲ different styles of combat, the “Heroic Combat” and “Elemental Combat,” are at your fingertips. The combat style will be based on your style of play, and then choose the character type that best fits your play style. The “Heroic Combat” and “Elemental Combat” are suitable for players who


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Minimum: OS: Windows 7 or later; Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 or later; Memory: 2 GB; Storage: 5 GB; Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX560 or later; or AMD Radeon HD7770 or later DirectX: Version 9.0; Network: Broadband Internet connection; Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card; Additional Notes: Please note: The game supports the following video cards: Nvidia Geforce GT620,GT630


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