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A game for the holiday! You had some errands to run last night and managed to drop your emergency supplies (including pepperoni pizza) on the ground. On your way out to shop for some new supplies, a huge boogie-man appears and demands you give him your pepperoni pizza for breakfast. You pass out and you wake up in the basement of your Master, who’s wearing full armor and is sitting at his workbench. There’s nothing you can do except try to kill your Master or wait for him to earn his freedom. Your fate rests with you! What do you do?! Your skull is on the line! You’ve got to work your way through three different game types in no time and then you need to move things around without alerting your Master. Will you survive? Or will you have to give up the ghost? Whenever You’re Laughing, We’re Learning About This Game My Master’s A Moron is a 2D turn-based, tile-based roguelike & roguelite dungeon crawler. Explore your way through your Master’s basement (that he happens to rent out to monsters) and discover a multitude of enemies, items, spells, armor, upgrades, and more. Character Classes Are you a thief? A knight? A wizard? You can play as them all! Every class has its own strengths and weaknesses. How will you learn which class is best for you? Enemy Classes Enemies are not all alike. Some are tanks that don’t move, some are faster than others, and some are just plain trickier to kill than others! You can choose any of the available classes and get a bonus for your hard work! Additional Game Types Adventure Mode — An epic roguelike mission where you will take on a whole dungeon on your own! Use the environment to your advantage and make your way deeper into the dungeon. Versus Mode — Two-player action as you compete against a friend! Defeat Mode — Strategy and counter-strategy—one person plays the Master and one plays the Enemy. How Did I End Up Here? My Master isn’t a bad person—He’s just moronic. But he can’t stand anybody being smarter than him, no matter how big a moron you are. If he manages to kill you before you can complete the dungeon, he will double your wealth. How to Play


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