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WizNote is a simple to use note-taking app that allows you to create notes, compose memos, and access them from wherever you are. It is capable of recording the current weather, including air and sea temperatures and wind velocity. Created notes can be stored in various folders on your desktop for quick access. Create Notes and Memos WizNote allows you to create notes, memos, and even sticky notes. Memos, which are a great way to share large amounts of text content, can be saved to one of your personal folders as well as transferred to Facebook, Gmail or other social media accounts. Sticky notes are also supported, but they can only be used to jot down simple notes and can’t be expanded into lengthy memos. Sticky notes are tied to a specific location on your desktop, which can help you to save time and not lose your place when writing a memo or note. WizNote also provides the ability to automatically record the current weather, including air and sea temperatures and wind velocity. Created notes can be saved and re-saved at any time, so you don’t have to worry about losing any content. Sharing of notes and memos You can share notes and memos with friends and family via Facebook and other social media accounts such as Google+, Twitter and Evernote. After sharing the memo, it will be displayed in your social media profile, allowing your contacts to check it out. If you don’t want to use social media sharing, you can easily generate a link and send it as an email attachment. You can also access notes on your desktop directly from the application. All notes are saved into a folder on your desktop, so you can access them when you want to. WizNote Features: • Create and organize notes, memos and sticky notes • Access memos saved to social media profiles • Automatically record the current weather conditions • Synchronize notes between multiple computers • Add tags to notes • Contacts management • Filter notes by tag, date and folder • Share notes with family and friends • Send memos to social media accounts • Sort notes by tag, date and folder • Type notes on any device • Save notes to personal folder • Keep notes, memos and sticky notes in one place • Access notes directly from the desktop • Manage notes and memos • Tags, folders, dates and location tags • Send memos as email attachments • Compose notes on any device

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WizNote is a program designed to help you keep track of daily tasks and other important information, while allowing you to communicate with others and keep connected with your contacts. This handy diary can be used to organize notes, keep a journal and manage your database, all from a single app. Use WizNote to write a simple memo and share it with friends. You can also place sticky notes on your desktop to remind you of a task. WizNote provides a number of note templates, allowing you to keep a daily journal and share your work with others. In addition to the note template, WizNote enables you to add tags and attach various files to each entry. With its help, you can write a detailed overview of a particular task, or insert useful links and data. WizNote’s online component allows you to synchronize your information between multiple computers and access it from any location. If you’re a friend or coworker, you can easily share notes, post comments and send messages. WizNote Installation: WizNote cannot be installed on its own, as it depends on various other programs. It should be installed along with the following: Office 2016 Notepad++ PROS: Nice interface Great online functionality Supports multiple languages Flexible and usable, but not fully explained CONS: Inadequate documentation Unstable browser support Cannot be installed without Office 2016 WizNote Screenshots of WizNote WizNote Full Screenshot (۵٫۵۵ MB) WizNote is a free software product from the home of emo (Linux) at emo.org. It is available in various languages and available for download at GetWiz.net. WizNote is light on system resources with an occasional memory footprint. WizNote has been successfully tested to meet system requirements. WizNote was reviewed by Ubuntu Softpedia on July 23, 2014. WizNote version is available for download from GetWiz.net. WizNote is a free software product from the home of emo (Linux) at emo.org. It is available in various languages and available for download at GetWiz.net. WizNote is light on system resources with an occasional memory footprint. WizNote has been ۷ef3115324

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– The program provides support for multiple languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and Russian. – It integrates an online database, but requires you to have an account to access it. – You can create multiple note types, from simple memos to daily diaries. – The program provides an integrated calendar, task manager and to-do list. – You can mark to-do items with tags, time and location. – It also features an alarm clock, calendar and notes manager, plus an integrated RSS reader. – The program contains a contact manager, allowing you to import information from various sources (including offline) and add details about each entry. – You can sync your data between multiple computers using the built-in desktop synchronization tool. – A built-in search engine allows you to quickly find notes. – You can customize the interface using a wide array of themes. Note synchronization with desktop sync – program needs to be installed before you can sync your notes between computers. Notes and information are synchronized between two or more computers. – Add new notes and edit them with color-coded tags and location info. The application keeps you updated on news, sports and entertainment. It can also share your notes with your friends and family, or publish posts on Facebook or Twitter. The newsreader, which you can sync between computers, lets you choose from a list of news sources and deliver them using RSS. Access your posts, calendars and files and other people’s posts, mail messages, blogs and stories. It lets you contact other users and share notes with them. A built-in email client allows you to read and send email messages on the go. Create and manage to-do lists. – Create notes and break down tasks into tasks. – Add a new tag to a note and can also assign it to a category. – Sort your notes by date or by tag. – Connect external programs to your notes to track even more data, such as your contacts, tasks, appointments and events. – Integrate external programs to add notes directly in them. – Manage and view the history of your most important tasks. – Create and manage your calendar and synchronize appointments and events with a desktop calendar. – Choose from a variety of themes for the calendar and help you keep track of dates and events. – Edit recurring appointments. – Use multiple notes and tags to help organize your tasks, as well as create sub-c

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WizNote is a very powerful application that helps you keep track of daily tasks and other important information. You can write a simple memo and save it to one of your personal folders, but you can also keep a daily journal, add multiple tags and even record the current weather conditions. Additionally, you can generate sticky notes and place them on your desktop, to remind you of certain activities. These are fully customizable, as you can change their color, font and opacity. With WizNote you can: – create, read and reply to notes – share and search notes – create and delete notes – create a thread in a note – assign tags to notes – save and attach files – generate sticky notes – create a contact with detailed information – compose and save a journal – write messages to contacts, including comments – send and receive messages – edit notes and send them to colleagues – view and reply to comments – create and access notes from online accounts – synchronize data between multiple computers – connect to online accounts and notebooks – share notes with others – access notes from notebooks – join and leave notes – create and manage notebooks – organize folders – create notes and add personal information – set status, tags and passwords for notes – receive and send messages – use sticky notes – view and edit notes – view and edit messages – view and edit sticky notes – view notes, contacts and notes’ details – access notebooks and online accounts – manage files – view weather conditions – create, edit and delete notes – access online accounts and notebooks – create, read and reply to notes – add tags, view notes’ details, attachments, comment on notes, etc. – access notebooks and online accounts – add personal information – view weather conditions Requirements: WizNote is a digital application, working with both Windows XP and Windows Vista, and also requires Adobe Reader. WizNote Feature Summary: – create, read and reply to notes – share and search notes – create and delete notes – create a thread in a note – assign tags to notes – save and attach files – generate sticky notes – place sticky notes on desktop – view notes – share notes with others – send and receive messages – view notes and comment on notes – view notes and comment on sticky notes – view contacts – view notes’ details –


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