YDGpatch 1-2-16-14.rar

YDGpatch 1-2-16-14.rar

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YDGpatch 1-2-16-14.rar

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v1-2.16-10.txtyDGpatch Torrent Download in Zip Format [ 10 ]Q: For loop produces wrong output I’m trying to make this code display the sum of the values in column B of every row that matches the value in cell G4 in the current row. It does this with this code: Option Explicit Dim lrow As Long Dim lcol As Long lrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).row lcol = Cells(3, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column For lrow = 4 To lrow For lcol = 5 To lcol If Cells(lrow, lcol).Value = Cells(lrow, “G4”).Value Then Cells(lrow, lcol).Value = Cells(lrow, “B” & lcol).Value + Cells(lrow, “B” & lcol) End If Next lcol Next lrow I replaced the range for lrow with an actual number in the loop and this is where the problem was. It seems to work fine for rows 4-49999, but when I try and run it for row 50000 (the last row in column B) it produces an error. A: For lrow = 4 To lrow This evaluates to a 4, not a 5, so Cells(lrow, lcol).Value is wrong. Use For lrow = 4 To 50006 ‘or whatever the last row of your data is for lrow to be a 5 ! ! Copyright (C) by Argonne National Laboratory ! See COPYRIGHT in top-level directory ! ! This program is for testing the MBSim routines. subroutine spmcDump_header implicit none include “mpif.h” integer :: numproc, nstmesh call MBSim_start_progress(‘MDS-Sim-Accurate-routine’) MBSim_set_numproc(1) MBSim_set_nstmesh(1) ۳e33713323